Sally Bee

HCB take away the responsibility of the numbers so that I can get on with being creative - and not have to think twice about my finances.

Sally is a writer, healthy food promoter and optimist. Having survived three heart attacks in a week at the age of just 36 (due to a rare heart condition) Sally decided to change everything. She devised a book of heart-healthy recipes and self published. It was such a success that in January 2010 the book was picked up and reprinted by Collins. Sally is extremely creative and relies on us to work with her to make sure her business is always heading in the right direction.

In April 2010 Sally was invited to cook for Michelle Obama at the White House and in 2011, as well as publishing her second book, set up The Precious Hearts Foundation, and launched the Tutis-ICE medical bracelet.

HCB Accountants provide business strategy and development, board meeting attendance, financial services and tax planning to Sally.