Tony Scott

HCB are interested in me as a person, what my priorities are and how they can support me. The fact that they have a friendly yet professional approach has made a massive difference right from the word go.

When Tony decided to go it alone after 20 years in retail he chose us to help him develop his new business, Retail Spa. His vast experience in helping to establish George Clothing and Per Una would always give Tony a unique selling point, but he knew little about setting up a small business. We introduced him to the world of bookkeeping records and tax, showed him how best to make the most of his knowledge, where to focus his efforts and what to let us worry about.

Retail Spa works with high street brands and the independent sector - increasing profitablilty through improvement of buying techniques and thrilling customers with great product.  

HCB Accountants provide outsourced services, financial services and tax planning to Tony.