What do you need from us?

  • I have an opportunity

    I just need to talk this through – is there an angle I might be missing? Can you do the financial model? Can you come and see the bank with me? What about investors – do you know people? What, you have solicitors too – what do they do?

    These are conversations that we have every day. Believe us, we can help all over the place.

  • Please help me fix my chaos

    This happens – we don’t judge or patronise.  Progressive businesses go through phases of growth that is difficult to control.  Key staff leave – even retire – and others might not know everything that they did.  Even mature businesses can suffer from exposure to unexpected change.

    We add calm to the financial processes, without you needing to manage us.  The bookkeeping and payroll get sorted, the management information done on time.  You get on with driving sales and margins.

  • We just don’t have the time

    Business is great, we’re busier than ever but just can’t get through everything. We implore you – don’t neglect the back office, forget to raise invoices or chase cash. Face up to bad payers before the inevitable hit occurs. Liquidity squeezes are the cause of many business set-backs – not always terminal but usually costly.

    Often these assignments start out as short-term – we muck in and prove our worth. Warning - outsourcing financial tasks becomes infectious for clients. We are just happy fitting in where our clients need us – and where you value our efforts so we can scale up or down as needed.

  • I have a problem

    There’s a financial pressure, a tax problem, we’re late on filing our accounts, our last accounts might not be right.

    Chances are, we have seen this before, we can fix it or we know someone that can. Rarely is the situation as bad as your concern about it, so don’t hide, come and talk to us, see how we can get involved. Share the problem, reduce your stress and let’s get things sorted out together. We hate to say it, but done well, accounting really helps. You just can’t hide from the numbers.

  • We need a bit of expertise – a one off boost

    For example - Price properly We love this bit. Spend time with us helping get your pricing sorted out – this goes straight to the bottom line.