Who Are We?


We started life on 23rd January 1994 with 1 client and a vague belief that an accountancy firm that was truly loved by its clients must do well.  A winding road since then brought us to the eye of the HCB network in 2014.  We saw the potential for growing an accounting firm within HCB and since joining HCB we have doubled to over thirty staff, having taken over another firm based in Shenstone near Lichfield.


The internal structure at HCB is unlike many professional service firms you will encounter. We operate a ‘top-heavy’ structure with many more professionally qualified, experienced people than your average practice.

We like it this way because it means that our clients get to talk to the people who will be dealing with their affairs - usually that means that your main contact will be qualified and will be the person who does the work.

This horizontal structure also means that if you do need Partner attention at short notice - for an opportunity or crisis that presents itself - our partners can be freed up at short notice to assist you, without a drop in service provision elsewhere. 

How does it work with the solicitors?

HCB Solicitors and HCB Accountants are completely separate firms that work together and share a brand.  Clients that choose to work with both firms get tremendous benefits from saving time and receiving coordinated legal and financial advice – it just makes so much sense that we wonder why other firms aren’t copying us?

Maybe, because to try something new takes genuine courage and a desire to break the mold and take on new challenges?  That is one of the factors that marks out HCB – both businesses started from scratch by people with an unshakeable confidence in what they knew they could achieve.  Nobody could ever accuse the leaders of HCB of being typical and they set the tone.

Who we really are

 In order to help us work more effectively as a team, we have all undergone Myers Briggs testing through one of our clients, Julie Pelych at Gap People. The results were a little surprising:

40% of us are logical introverts The typical 'accountant type' you would expect to find in an accoutancy practice.

25% of us are logical extroverts still methodical thinkers but those who have more outgoing characteristics.

25% of us are feelings introverts Those who work with focus on ‘relationships’ - not a typical trait in our industry.

And 10% of us are feelings extroverts the more ‘outside the box’ people rarely found in practice: thinkers, leaders and creatives.

What does this mean?

This shows the personalities of the HCB team are reflective of the ethos of the firm - excellent quality compliance, plus innovative services and forward thinking advice, with a relationship focus that really cares about our clients. 

So now you know. That’s us! 

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