Great Service - what does that look like?

To us great service is a given.  Through over 20 years of working with clients like you, we think we have this process refined.  Here’s how we work with you.

  1. Listen to you.  We don’t charge for meetings – come and see us without risk.
  2. Work with you. Let’s agree what it is that you need from us – and how we are going to work together.  This is our scoping phase where we agree a list of priorities.
  3. Propose a price for the work and a payment schedule.  If it is too much we revisit the scope to see what can come out or whether there are tasks that you can do.  Unless the scope of the work changes, the price is fixed.  Unless a price-change is formally agreed up front, it isn’t valid and it won’t be charged.
  4. Agree a time-frame, a start-date and a completion date.
  5. Chase the information from you – we can’t be effective if you aren’t.
  6. We do what we say we’re going to do – every time, first time.
  7. We aren’t asking you to blindly trust us – we’re going to nurture this relationship from the start so that you never consider leaving.